Saturday, May 28, 2016

Please Take Our Poll

As you may have noticed, we have created a new poll over to the right --->. This time it's about what's your favorite type of seahorse. If you don't know what the seahorse choices listed look like, here are some pictures of them down below:

Dwarf seahorse:

Zebra seahorse:

Pygmy seahorse:

Slender seahorse:

Giraffe seahorse:

Pacific seahorse:


Wednesday, July 1, 2015


We updated our blog layout, guys! (Sorry about our two-year hiatus). Make sure to take our poll on the right. 

Meanwhile, seahorses are still going extinct. Please spread the word about our website and make sure you go to World Wildlife Fund to donate or adopt!


Monday, November 11, 2013

Water Poem

Water can be cold, or it can be hot,
H2O is the same as water, what lives in water is an otter named Harry Potter!

~Sydney and Katie

Seashells poem

Seashells are white, seashells are brown,
Seashells are pretty all around,
Seashells are cool, seashells are hard,
Some seashells are flat as a card,
Seashells are smooth, seashells are round,
Seashells are the greatest noun there is,
Seashells are white, seashells are brown,
Seashells are found all around.

~Sydney and Katie

Waves Poem

Waves are crashing in the sea, while the animals are calling out, "Oh gee!"
The waves are high, up to the sky,
Waves are splashing  around, it's making a loud sound,
The waves hit a rock, it sounded like a knock!

~Sydney and Katie